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World Book Day, also known as World Book and Copyright Day, is a United Nations holiday sponsored by UNESCO, celebrated every year on April 23. This day aims to promote reading across all communities, and to encourage people to engage with different types of literature, and discover the benefits of reading. The main focus is on children and young people, to instill in them the love for books and to promote reading for pleasure, in order to contribute to their future and development.

On the other hand, World Book Day pays tribute to all of those who work behind the scenes to create books for us – writers, publishers, and copywriters.

Why do we Celebrate World Book Day?

Reading books is crucial for children’s development, but it is also a habit that can have a huge impact on anyone, regardless of their age. Reading regularly for pleasure has many benefits, it stimulates our mind and increases our vocabulary, it teaches us new things and improves our focus, it can help us relax and reduce stress, and it also develops our thinking skills and opens up our eyes to different perspectives.

For children, it stimulates their imagination, teaches them empathy and encourages them to interact with and discover the outside world. According to the World Book Day website, reading for pleasure has a bigger positive impact on a child’s future than any other factors of their upbringing, such as income or parents’ educational background.

World Book Day encourages this love for reading and makes books more accessible to children, especially those of disadvantaged circumstances, to instill in them the habit of reading and improving their lives. Even 10 minutes a day spent reading, or being read to, can have a big impact on a child’s life and future.

How to Celebrate World Book Day

Events for this day are mainly organized by libraries and schools, and include public readings, Q&A’s with authors, writing competitions, and distribution of free books and bookmarks.

Celebrate this important day by creating twibbon world book day for kids and everyone in this world.

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