Download Watch Television App on Mobile (Here)

The Internet has enabled many options that until recently were impossible. Among the multiple app for audiovisual companies are those that allow you to watch TV on your mobile. It’s not just about watching movies or series on streaming on demand. It consists of being able to choose at any moment what you want to see.

These are applications that allow you to watch the live broadcasts of the television channels.

The Best Android App for live TV streaming

Here are the best free live TV apps to stream online and watch TV channels online.


AOS TV is a free live TV app to watch free TV channels on any Android supported device. This app claims to have more than 1000 channels.

You can watch live TV from UK, US, India, Europe, South America, Australia, Canada, etc. You can also stream live sports broadcasts from around the world. Easy to use fast app for your live TV needs.


If you’re looking for live content from the US, OLA TV is your best choice for streaming US and Canadian TV stations directly to your mobile phone.

This app is a bit poorly designed and bombarded with multiple ads. However, if you really need to watch TV on your phone, this is a great option.

3. NetTV live broadcast

Live NetTV App is a general purpose entertainment app that has more than 700 live channels, movies, VOD, TV shows, live sports and all popular shows from more than 8 countries.

Search for a stream or channel and you will get a link, click that link to play the video on an external player. If one link doesn’t work, you can switch to another link to see if it works properly.

4. TVCatchup

TVC allows you to watch TV and satellite cable channels in the UK. TVC is an internet television service for watching free-to-air channels in the UK. It is rebroadcast by the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, etc.

This app allows you to stream channels for free. This app is free to use, although ads are placed to support the developer. One of the best apps to watch live TV content from UK.